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Careers and Employment

Queen's University College of Medicine seeks highly qualified faculty, administrators and support staff members for its Basic Science Campus in Barbados, West Indies. We offer competitive salaries commensurate with the candidate’s experience. The application, resume, copy of diploma, and two official letters of recommendation in a single PDF should be submitted to the Office of Careers and Employment@QUCOM. Queen's University College of Medicine is an equal opportunity employer.


Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor

The Campus of Queen's University College of Medicine offers a modern teaching environment monitored by Curriculum Mapping Software. 


Faculty positions include Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Visiting Professor. The prospective candidate should have at least five years’ experience in teaching the American Medical Program and a Doctoral degree such as PhD or MD. Candidates with documented research experience in respective fields of medicine are given priority. For Assistant Professor level, we accept candidates who hold an MBBS degree.

Currently candidates experienced in teaching Anatomy, Behavioral Science, Biochemistry, Embryology, Epidemiology, Histology, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pharmacology or Physiology are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities for Full, Associate and Assistant Professor positions include:

  • Teaching a full time class schedule

  • Providing a comprehensive syllabus at the beginning of each semester for the students, Dean & Assistant Registrar. The syllabus will be available in electronic form and will contain a detailed course description and class schedule/each day of the week in each semester, explanation of partial and final course grade, scoring tables, grievance procedures, course office hours, recommended and alternative book reading list, appendix to course-related abbreviations, terms & definitions

  • Preparation of lectures provide to students prior to each class in PowerPoint

  • Writing block and final exams according to the USMLE standards

  • Proctoring exams, grading and timely submission of grades to Assistant Registrar

  • Participating in the University’s Committees

Visiting Professor

To enhance the learning experience in our Basic Science Campus, we invite Distinguished Scientists and Lecturers to submit the application for short-term teaching positions in the respective field of expertise. The ideal candidate will be an expert in the field of medicine and hold an Associate or Professor position elsewhere. This position will be filled in accordance with the existing course syllabus and may vary in duration. In addition to salary, the Visiting Professor will be offered housing and transportation to and from Basic Science campus.

In addition to teaching responsibilities, the Visiting Professor will:

  • Prepare lectures and provide to students prior to each class in PowerPoint

  • Write block and final exams according to the USMLE standards for the part of the course syllabus, where responsible


Assistant Registrar

Queen's University College of Medicine seeks an Assistant Registrar in our Basic Science program located in Barbados. The ideal candidate will have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher combined with a minimum of 5 years of related experience. The Assistant Registrar is the College’s institutional contact person for the US Registrar and Admissions Office and reports directly to the Basic Sciences Department.

Responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the rules for class entry/exit and maintenance of class lists for each period

  • Maintaining class schedules, overseeing class commencement

  • Documenting and reporting irregularities, such as, faculty absence, technical issues interfering with effective teaching, etc.

  • Maintaining block and re-take exam schedules

  • Timely obtaining, maintaining and reporting of grades from faculty, both partial block and final semester scores to Registrar’s Office, in the U.S. and the Dean’s Office, in the Basic Science campus

  • Distributing end of semester final grades to all students in the Basic Science Department

  • Aiding the Student affairs clerk with Immigration issues

Junior Level - Student Affairs Administrator

Queen's University College of Medicine seeks a junior level Student Affairs Administrator in the Basic Science campus in Barbados. The ideal candidate will hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. This position reports directly to the Assistant Registrar and to the Basic Sciences Department.

This position requires management of minor administrative issues arising on the school grounds, such as:

  • The collection of payments for student’s commuter bus, meal plans, immigration fees, & health insurance

  • The coordination of contact between students and reliable real estate agencies

  • Liaison on problems pertaining to student/landlord disputes

  • The ordering of office and maintenance supplies

  • Overseeing time-schedule for the support personnel

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