Awards and Flexibility


Scholarship Awards


In recognition of the Founding of the University, Queen's University College of Medicine extends to selected scholarship-qualifying applicants The Founder's Tuition Scholarship.


Queen’s University College of Medicine awards The US American Student Scholarship to highly qualified US American citizen students. Continuation of this scholarship requires that recipients remain in academic good standing.


Queen’s University College of Medicine awards The Barbados Annual Scholarship to two highly qualified Barbados citizen students. Continuation of this scholarship requires that recipients remain in academic good standing.


Queen's University College of Medicine awards The Canadian Scholarship to Canadian citizen applicants who are accepted into the Basic Sciences MD Program (Semesters I – V). The Scholarship amount is calculated annually based on the monetary exchange rate between Canada and the United States. The student is responsible for all formal fees.​

Financial Flexibility


A Flex-Pay Plan enables monthly installment tuition payments over the course of medical studies.


A Work-Study Program is designed to help offset school-related expenses outside of tuition and to ease residual financial costs. Available to financially need-eligible students. Preference is given to students from Barbados and CARICOM Nationals then to students from other countries if there is availability.


Invest in Your Future

Tuition and Expenses

An Investment in You.


The University's Cost of Attendance (COA) Budget is based on a student’s typical expenses per enrollment period or award year. ​By federal regulation, COA budgets are designed for students to live and support themselves modestly during the instructional time. Expenses are a combination of those billed by the school and indirect expenses that may be incurred. ​The total amount of aid a student may receive from sources (financial aid, loans, grants, etc) may not exceed his/her COA for a given term or load period. Tuition fees cover cost of classes only. Actual tuition and individualized COA budgets may vary based on a student's registration and/or curricular paths.*

Seat Deposit: $500 USD

Pre-Med to MD Track: $5,000 USD/Semester

MD Program Basic Sciences*: $12,500 USD/Semester

MD Program Clinical Sciences*: $15,500 USD/Semester​

Books, Supplies, Fees, Living Expenses

Estimates are based on Living Arrangements that are comfortable and safe, yet modest, such as shared housing. Travel and Island Transportation should also be considered. Students receive a List of required Books/Supplies per semester, some of which are included in the Electronic Resources' Access Medicine subscription.

Housing: @$900 USD/Month

Food: @$400 USD/Month

Books and Supplies: @$1500 USD/Year

Transportation, Clubs, Administration Fees: TBD

​Tuition Refunds

Students registering for courses and classes agree to pay all applicable tuition and registration fees. Students are required to pay all tuition and fees for any registered course unless enrollment is officially cancelled during the 100% Refund Period, which extends through the first two weeks of the semester. Withdrawal or cancellation occurs on the calendar day that withdrawal is requested either online or in-person at the Business and/or Registrar Office. The percentage of refund is based on the actual date of withdrawal recorded by the Registrar. All withdrawals may not necessarily result in a refund and, in some instances, a tuition balance may still be due. Insurance and other fees are non-refundable.