Admissions Overview

Take an important first step towards becoming a doctor by completing your Application for Admission to Queen's University College of Medicine. Applications are accepted for three Annual Enrollment Terms: January, May, and September. 

Candidates who meet our general requirements will be invited for an in-person interview. This represents a great opportunity for us to learn more about you as well as for you to tour our enchanting island campus. During the interview, the candidate will discuss his/her academic record, elaborate on relevant research or volunteer experience and provide additional background for our admissions committee to better assess aptitude, maturity and level of motivation. Admissions decisions are typically made within two to three weeks after the personal interview, longer during holiday and semester breaks. 



Selection Factors

Queen’s University College of Medicine takes a holistic approach to admissions evaluation. Successful candidates are highly motivated, dedicated and possess a strong commitment to serving others.  Our admissions team will weigh factors such as:

  • Academic performance (i.e. GPA)

  • Aptitude (i.e. MCAT)

  • Credit load

  • Letters of recommendation

  • The candidate’s personal statement

  • Research, volunteer and work experience

  • The interview, where we will look for communication skills, maturity and motivation level

  • MCAT NOT required for Canadian or non-USA applicants 

The University invites students who have a proven track record of adapting to their environments, studying diligently and retaining critical knowledge.



Prospective students MUST have completed 90+ semester hours in an accredited college or university including the prerequisite classes listed below. It is highly recommended that applicants earn a Bachelor’s Degree prior to matriculating.

College-Level Mathematics 

(Calculus or Statistics)

One (1) Year  


One (1) Year

General Biology or Zoology with Labs            

One (1) Year

Inorganic or General Chemistry with Labs      

One (1) Year

Organic Chemistry with Labs*                          

One (1) Year

Physics with Labs                                          

One (1) Semester

*Substitution of Biochemistry for Organic Chemistry II will be considered. Students who have successfully completed advanced science studies will be given preference: Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry and Genetics. Advanced Placement (AP) classes may satisfy certain prerequisites and will be evaluated individually based upon course content and grade.


Transfer Policy

Queens University College of Medicine accepts transfer students into the Doctor of Medicine Program on a case-by-case basis. Applicants for transfer must have attended a similarly structured and accredited Doctor of Medicine program. All students must meet the Admissions Requirements for Queens University College of Medicine and must follow the application process outlined by the University.

To be considered for admission with advanced standing, Transfer Applicants must:

  • Complete and submit a Application with the $75 non-refundable application fee

  • Meet all Prerequisite Requirements, including successful completion of all prescribed undergraduate courses

  • Submit Official Transcripts from all prior medical school(s) and Official copies of all undergraduate/graduate transcripts

  • Submit Two letters of recommendation

  • Submit a personal statement (included in application)

  • Submit MCAT results

  • Submit Dean’s letter and other documents from previous medical school(s)

  • Submit USMLE results (scores must be submitted for all attempts, as well as transcripts from all medical schools attended).



Application Fee

Application fee of $75 USD.