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QUCOM-Licensed Microsoft 365 Account

The University Administration and QUCOM Information and Technology issue proprietary QUCOM-Licensed Microsoft 365 Accounts to enrolling students.

QUCOM-Licensed Student Email Account

The University Administration and QUCOM Information and Technology issue QUCOM-Licensed University Email Accounts to enrolling students. Students receive an email with an invite containing a personalized username and password, granting access to the University system.

1) Locate the email that you received via your personal email account from Microsoft 365 ("Microsoft on behalf of your Organization") containing your username in lowercase letters and temporary password in bold.

2) Copy the temporary password, click the sign-in button, follow the prompt to paste your temporary password, and type in a new password.

3) Inside the platform, click to the Apps, and open the Outlook App to access your Student Email.

Microsoft Outlook Phone App

Students should download Outlook for iOS at the Apple App Store or Outlook for Android on Google Play for convenient access to University Accounts and Student Email on phones and tablets. 


QUCOM-Licensed Student SSO SIS University Portal

After enrollment clearance, students will receive an email with an invite to an assigned user license and student permission role, containing a login username and password, granting portal access to the University-Licensed SOVEREIGN+ SSO SIS.

QUCOM Student ID Number

ID Numbers appear in the SIS on the Student tab of the Student Profile page. The system also provides an eDigital ID Card. Student photo and other additions will display following system modifications.

QUCOM-Licensed Student SIS Phone App

Enrolling students should download the SIS iOS App at the Apple App Store or the SIS Android App on Google PlayUpon opening the App, enter QUCOM as the School name, sign in with your SSO SIS credentials, then click the Menu to conveniently access your Dashboard, Newsfeed, Profile, Courses, Notifications, and eDigital ID Card on your phones and tablets. Students should ensure that they have constant access on phones and tablets via the SIS App to regularly check the Newsfeed and Dashboard, Profile, and Course notifications.


The QUCOM-Licensed University-Issued Email Account is to be the email used by Enrolling Students, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Departments for ALL University, University-related, and University-affiliated communications. Activation, access, and/or use of all QUCOM-Licensed Systems and Accounts falls under the terms of the QUCOM Policies and Regulations, the QUCOM Honor Code and Policies, the QUCOM Information and Technology, Systems, Communications, Online Behavior, and Privacy Polices, and the QUCOM Terms of Use Policies published on the Official © 2023 QUCOM Website.  © 2023 Queen's University College of Medicine. All rights reserved.

@ 2023 Queen's University College of Medicine. All rights reserved.

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