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Clinical Sciences

Clinical Skills. Rotations. Clerkships.

Clinical Sciences equips students with knowledge pertaining to training in clinical skills, patient contact, and medical practice. The curriculum includes Five (5) Semesters of Clinical Core and Electives Rotations. The Program involves a Fifth Semester at the Main Campus and Semesters of Core and Elective Rotations at QUCOM ACGME Accredited US-Based Affiliated Teaching Hospitals + Healthcare SystemsAfter completing Basic Sciences and passing USMLE Step 1 CK, and CS Exams, QUCOM students advance to the Clinical Phase of the Program. During Core Clerkship Year and Elective Rotations, students gain valuable training, develop clinical skills, learn to be a part of a medical team, and train alongside Residents and Attending Physicians in each Core Specialty.

Clinical Cores

The 3rd Year involves 48 weeks of Core Clinical Rotations completed in ACGME Accredited US Teaching Hospitals although up to 12 weeks may be completed in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Caribbean when affiliation agreements are established in those jurisdictions.

Clinical Cores

Clinical Electives

The 4th and Final Year involves clinical hospital rotations in 27 weeks of elective specialty and subspecialty rotations which are chosen by the student and approved through the Office of the Dean. QUCOM requires students to complete the 27 weeks of elective rotations (typically) in four-week blocks. Medical Students may elect Specialty and Subspecialty Rotations and the Clinical Elective Rotations do not need to follow the order of disciplines listed below.

Addiction Medicine

Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Psychiatry

Adult Pain Management

Ambulatory Medicine


Burn Surgery


Chemical Dependency

Child Psychiatry

Clinical Research

Colorectal Surgery

Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

Critical Care


Emergency Medicine


Family Medicine

Forensic Pathology



Infectious Disease


Occupational Medicine


Orthopedic Medicine

Orthopedic Surgery



Clinical Electives