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Advising and Counseling

Faculty Advising

Students are assigned faculty advisors and are required to meet with advisors twice during the semester to check in to report how are things going with their classes. Faculty advisors are not only student mentors but are also student club advisors.

Student Academic Advising / Student Personal Counseling

Queen's University College of Medicine has secured external resources for students to consult to assist with issues such as time management, study skills, test-taking skills, and test anxiety coping skills.

Research Advising

Students will have available advisor(s) to help guide them with research projects from the beginning to publication. Faculty advisors will take an active role in ensuring that the conduct of the research meets the highest ethical standards.

Career Advising

The Queen's University Career Development Department will guide and advise students regarding USMLE/CAMC or other National medical examinations pertaining to the student’s country of origin. The University will host an annual Career Choices in Medicine Fair where students may learn about opportunities for residency and speak with local physician and invited guests regarding career paths and specialties.


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